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Video Editing

Picture video editing - iSplice FIlms

Picture editing is more than just the assembly of clips to form a sequence. It’s a fine balance of creative and technical; compiling images, dialogue, music, pacing, as well as the actors’ performances to effectively make a coherent and compelling story. Editing is often referred to as the “invisible art”; When done well, the viewer will become so engaged that they are not even aware of it.

Our years of experience utilizing every industry standard editing platform (Avid, Premiere, FCP) enables us to easily move beyond technical hurdles, leaving more time for the creative; finishing your project on time and on budget. All project types are welcome: cinema, broadcast, corporate, commercial and more.

Sound Editing & Sound Mixing

Sound Editing Sound Mixing Winnipeg Canada

Great sound is absolutely vital to every production and as every true professional knows, sound quality alone is more important than its visual counterpart. You can have the best pictures in the world, with bad sound, and the final product will turn out horrible , conversely you can have horrible pictures with great sound and the project will win awards.

We can take extra special care of your sound edit and mix so your stereo or 5.1 project will sound its best on any platform.

Colour Correction & Colour Grading

Colour Correction Colour Grading Winnipeg Canada

During a shoot, it’s difficult to ensure proper exposure, lighting, and white balance at all times. If you are using multiple cameras for your project, chances are, you’ll have cameras that don’t match the others. Or perhaps the shots you have don’t convey the proper mood for the story. This is where the colourist comes in.

After months of hard work on set and in the edit suite, we can fine-tune your project shot-by-shot using the highest colour grading technology: Davinci Resolve; making your final product stand with the best. We can grade your images in 4K, UHD, HD, SD or any resolution you require.

Remember that if you are shooting with one of the many RAW codecs these days or you are using LUTS, colour grading is a must! Contact us for more information.

Dailies Processing

Dailies Processing Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Handling dailies from the set effectively is important; even more important is handling the dailies correctly, ensuring you don’t end up with unwanted headaches during the online edit.  Our flows ensure you have easy-to-use edit-ready proxies, and can archive the original media to give peace of mind, and to meet contractual insurance requirements.

Closed Captioning & Subtitling

Closed Captioning Winnipeg Subtitles CCSL

Closed captioning enables people who are hearing impaired to enjoy your content by conveying spoken words, emotions, sounds, and music in a textual format. Both the CRTC, and FCC mandate closed captioning on all broadcast media as well as Video on Demand (VOD) services. Laws are also being passed requiring a wider variety of online video be accessible to everyone.

Automated voice recognition based solutions are highly error prone and unreliable. Our experienced team of professionals can deliver captions standalone or embedded into your content directly. We can also generate subtitles and transcriptions of your content. If your project requires a CCSL our team can also create this for you.

Described Video

DV Described Video Winnipeg Manitoba

Alongside Closed Captioning, Described Video (DV) is also federally mandated by the CRTC and FCC. Described Video enables those who are visually impaired to have visual elements from your content verbally explained alongside the regular program on alternate audio tracks. Core visual elements such as settings, actions, and costumes are explained in a way that the visually impaired has a mental picture of what is occurring on the screen.

Our in-house writers and voice talent can describe your media from end to end starting with content analysis, documentation of elements to describe, recording, and mastering into your program.

Mastering & Deliverables

Mastering and Deliverables winnipeg Canada

Unsure about your delivery requirements? Let us take that uncertainty off of your shoulders. We are familiar with every delivery format out there, from broadcast, to cinema, to streaming services like Netflix. We will take care of your digital delivery and tape delivery mastering needs.

If you have delivery specs on your desk, it’s wise to know what those are before you even start your production, contact us early on to avoid costly headaches when it’s time to deliver.

We are also capable of creating DCP (Digital Cinema Package) outputs.

Format Conversion & Transcoding

Format Conversion Transcoding Winnipeg

With new file formats and codecs popping up every day, it can be difficult to figure out how to get them to work in the edit suite or even to see them on your desktop. Our team has worked with nearly every format to date and has the ability to transcode your camera original and other media files to a format that is edit suite friendly, and make sure they will also link back to the original best quality media once it’s time for colour grading and mastering. If this isn’t done correctly before you start editing, it can become a very costly problem to fix in the end. Contact us for more information on why this is a very important step in the post-production workflow.

DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring

DVD and Blu-Ray Creation Winnipeg

Bundle together your content on Blu-ray or DVD disks to meet deliverables, share with your cast, event attendees, or even to sell. Our in house designers can create custom, interactive menu interfaces for your content, or simple auto-play disks depending on your needs. We also offer full colour, full disk printing; ensuring your disks look professional.

LTO Tape Backup & Archival

LTO tape archival backup winnipeg data offloading

Keeping those hard drives on your shelf is not a viable long term data archival technique. LTO tape is correct way to keep your archives and backups safe. LTO tape is a mature storage technology that is impervious to many of the shortcomings platter-based drives have. With LTO tape, you can reliably store terabytes of data for 25-30 years without worry. There is no limit to the volume of data, or the type of data that we can archive.

Our archival process also extracts and indexes all the metadata in your media and can create full-length previews from most media files to allow for offline previewing, to restore only the files you need in the future.

Post Supervision & Consulting

Post Supervision post production consulting winnipeg

We can join you early on to develop a workflow that will be solid, predictable, on-budget, and without unwanted surprises.

Quality Control

Post Production Quality control winnipeg canada

Got a project ready to deliver? Let us review it for quality. We’re equipped to screen your media at a technical level to validate requirements are met for your deliverables. We can also offer subjective quality feedback.

Need some space to work?  Our post production rental rooms are fully equipped with 10 gigabit high speed SAN connections to each workstation alongside extremely fast internet speeds.  Long and short term, we have room for you!